What’s The Fastest Ways For A Beginner To Get Into ketosis?

So you have been hearing about the Keto diet and getting into Ketosis everywhere you turn and have decided you want to give this a try.

Where do you start with this? especially if you haven't been living a healthy lifestyle.  It is often overlooked that many people want nothing more than to get in shape and eat better foods, however it seems like an uphill struggle as life gets in the way. 

Well there are many ways to follow a Keto diet until you get into a state of Ketosis.   The great thing about this is anyone can jump right in and give it a go, if you are a beginner here are the THREE most effective ways to follow a Keto diet to easily get into Ketosis; Fasting with simple foods, High fat diet with adequate calories & finally The fast mimicking diet.  One of these methods also addresses the common question of how to get into Ketosis in 24 hours.

What Exactly is Ketosis and Benefits Of This?

Ok so before we look at the three ways mentioned above and detail how many days to get into Ketosis, you might ask, what is Ketosis?  
Well this is a state which occurs when you move from a carb heavy diet where your body switches from burning Glucose (sugar from carbs) for fuel to burning fat for fuel instead.  
This causes insulin levels to drop and in turn your liver begins converting fat into ketones, the body can now use these instead of glucose for energy. When your body is mainly using ketones and fat for energy, you’re in a state of ketosis.
It's important to know that it's not only weight loss that you can benefit from.  There are many other reasons to go on a Keto diet such as: 
Balancing blood sugar and insulin levels - Especially beneficial to people that suffer from Diabetes, tests have found that some people with type 2 Diabetes had been able to lower their medication by almost 50% as a result of being on the Keto diet.
Healthier skin and prevention of acne and inflammation - Skin conditions like Acne are caused by higher levels of Androgens which is a male hormone that both males and females have, it so happens that balancing insulin brings down Androgen levels and reduces Acne and other skin conditions.  As mentioned a good Keto diet will bring down insulin and blood sugar levels.

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Increased energy levels - Initially you may experience a 'Keto flu' when the body goes into Ketosis, short term symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, confusion, and nausea.  However when this phase passes it has been observed that many people get a boost in energy levels, also these levels stay pretty consistent and there's no more high and lows.  

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Method 1: Fasting With Simple Foods

Ok now lets get to the 1st method we recommend which allows you to easily get into Ketosis.  This is by 'fasting' where you are only allowed three simple foods. Here we will call this the bone broth fast, you area allowed salt, water and fat. You can eat those three things separately.
So like two teaspoons of salt in a 24 hour period, plus two tablespoons of butter and two tablespoons of coconut oil.  The salt has all the minerals and you load up with a lot of fat up in your blood to help increase the ketone production.
After this the Mitochondria in the cells start using, the fat as fuel. 
So there's some tricks to get you through the fast basically. When you get into the numbers of grams of fat, protein and carbohydrates, it comes down to ratios, how much fat grams versus protein and carbs.
 So during a fast, your fats would be very high versus the protein and carbs, which are both sugar as once they're in the blood they are sugar.

So when you don't eat any food, the sugar level goes down to zero or very little, let's say five milligrams in your blood.  Now the fats go up because your body starts releasing fat to use it as fuel, so the ratio of fats would be very high and the proteins and carbs, very low in the blood. 

Method 2: High Fat Diet With Adequate Calories

So looking at this method, typically we have one to one ratio of fat to protein and carbs. If you're having a hundred grams of fat to a hundred grams of protein and carbs, that's about 1300 calories.
For this method the protein has to be higher than the carbs. So looking at the graph below you can see the levels of proteins and carbs, very low but importantly protein levels are greater.
As method 1 you want the fat levels to be higher than either proteins or carbs.
For effectiveness it's best to ensure the fat is equal to or greater than both protein and carbs combined. You can then increase them or decrease them depending on how many calories you require.
You can do this with a two to one ratio of fat to protein and carbs so 140 grams of fat to 70 grams of protein and carbs, and you could just increase the levels in proportion to each other maintaining the ratio.  Now the main point with this method is you have to have adequate calories during the whole time.

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Method 3: The Fast Mimicking Diet

We now get to the third way to get any ketosis, this is by far the quickest method and explains how to get into Ketosis in 24 hours.  Overall it's lower in calories but a good ratio in types of food. It's called the Fasting Mimicking Diet.
For this method you're consuming around 5-10% carbs, 15-20% protein, and 70-80% fat but overall around 40% less calories than you would normally, about 800 calories a day.  
You would do this around 5 days a month and then back to your normal calorie intake for the rest of the month, we recommend doing this for around 3 months for maximum effectiveness.
Now this is the quickest way to get into Ketosis as It's been shown that some people have reached Ketosis after only 24 hours on this method and importantly with no Keto flu symptoms at all, which is awesome. 
We recommend gaining the majority of your healthy fats from Green drinks for micronutrients, Avocados but supplementing that with coconut oil for your healthy fats.  
Then lower amounts of non strachy vegetables like Broccoli, Spinach, cauliflowers or leafy Greens and fish containing omega-3.

Your basically telling your body you're not starving. You're getting food, you're getting fat, protein, and carbs. So the body goes gently into ketosis with no Keto flu and it does it very quickly, like 24 hours quick.
Just remember with this method if at any time you feel your not getting enough calories to maintain this for 5 days we recommend reverting to the high fat diet with a moderate amount of calories with ration in check.   This will prepare your body for the Fast Mimicking Diet.

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Why Might You Want To Get Into Ketosis Quickly?

Simply put the quicker you get into a state of Ketosis the quicker you can start losing weight.  The longer version is, your body has to adjust when you first adopt this altered way of eating.  
Your now burning fat and using that as fuel instead of Glucose, your insulin levels are dropping, your excreting water and sodium.
All these of these changes cause you to go through a 'Keto flu' resulting in feeling unwell, now the quicker you can get past this stage and let your body adjust the better.  The rapid weight-loss also boosts your morale and especially for a beginner this keeps you from giving up.

In Closing

The Keto diet is a great way to shed some weight but it has just as many other benefits such as reducing cholesterol, increased energy and better skin heath. If you feel you want to make this a lifestyle choice its always best to start off gently or a method which yon't make you feel unpleasant with a 'Keto flu' 
The three methods outlined are all great in their own for you to easily get into Ketosis with each method outlining how long to hit Ketosis.  You just have to ask yourself whether you need to alter ratios of your fats, proteins and carbs with adequate calories or can handle a much lower calorie count. 

For beginners these Keto diet methods offer excellent results and certainly give you a head start on maintaining a new healthier lifestyle.

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