The Ultimate Guide To Keto Snacks On The Go: The Best And The Worst

When you begin to follow a diet you count calories and eat less during your main course meals. This automatically causes cravings and hunger in between meals, therefore the need for snacks.  Did you know this causes a spike of insulin?  This ultimately means it will become harder to achieve weight loss. 

When following a Keto diet it is imperative you get snacking right, in this day and age of fast paced living, it's important to know which Keto snacks on the go are the best.

So Does This Mean Snacking Is Bad?

Even though snacking is one of the causes of obesity in the US, getting the right nutritious snack can be beneficial to your health.  Most of us may like to have a snack during the day and that may not be a bad thing if only the snack is healthy.
Generally, a healthy snack must be 100 calories or less. Snacking on anything above 100 calories might be detrimental to your health.
Healthy snacks are crucial especially during the day between meals. If you're hungry, grabbing a snack is good for you to refuel your body with energy. Especially for children who have smaller stomachs, they might need a snack between meals. 
When following a Keto diet I highly recommend that you try low-calorie Keto snacks on the go.  Keto snacks have very low or 0 carbs content making it perfect for those who are looking to live a healthy lifestyle. Since they are low in carbs, they are ideal for a Keto diet. Read on for some great Keto snacks ideas.

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So What Is The Keto Diet Good For?

You will no doubt have heard about Keto diet being great for weight loss and that certainly is correct, the main reason Keto helps you lose weight is that you're shifting your metabolism from burning glucose or sugar for fuel to burning fats for fuel. At this stage your body in in Ketosis as it uses Ketones for fuel which are created as a result of burning the fats. 

Our bodies run optimally on this type of metabolism. When your body starts burning fats for fuel, you will notice that you have more energy, less craving and you will feel amazing all ultimately leading to a sustainable healthy living.

With a Keto snack or diet, you will have less hunger and you will be able to follow your body's lead; to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full. All these things help you lose weight when you're on a Ketogenic lifestyle.

Not only is the Keto diet great for weight loss but there's numerous other benefits, such as;

Abundant Energy

A lot of times when your body uses glucose or sugar as fuel, you tend to feel a slump in energy in the middle of the day. However, with a Keto diet, when your body burns fat as fuel, you are optimizing the way your body is meant to run. You start to feel better and have more energy and stamina than you will when using glucose as fuel.
However, when you start to eat a Keto snack during the day or have a Keto diet, your body will initially start to feel weak because you're making that shift. But once you are fat-adapted, you will begin to feel the full effects resulting in greater energy.

It Is Good For The Brain

Having a Keto snack during the day improves mental clarity and mental focus. If you have a terrible short-term memory loss, Keto snacks and diet is what I recommend. 

When you're in ketosis and your body is deprived of carbohydrates, your liver produces Ketones. These Ketones give your brain cells much more energy than glucose does. If you have Ketones in your brain and you breathe in oxygen, you create more energy per unit, than you would with glucose. This helps with your brain function, giving you a retentive memory and mental clarity.

Does Not Spike Insulin

If you're someone who is insulin resistant or have diabetes, which is a common these days, then we highly recommend having a ketogenic snack in between meals or being on a keto diet. Ketogenic diet minimizes the body's insulin production by reducing your carbs intake.

A study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research Publication took a look at 262 people that had Type 2 diabetes. In the study, they realized that when those individuals were put on a Ketogenic diet with under 30 grams of carbohydrates per day and increased their fat intake, they started having remarkable improvements. They realized that after 10 weeks of these patients being on a Ketogenic diet, they had up to 10% reduction in their HbA1c level.  HbA1c is the average amount of glucose in your blood over a 2 to 3 months period.

Helps with Heart Disease

A Ketogenic diet helps keep blood glucose levels low. A Keto diet helps lower your body's triglycerides and increases the HDL cholesterol in your bloodstream. HDL is the good cholesterol.

Studies have proven that consuming carbohydrates and specifically- fructose, raises triglycerides. And high levels of triglycerides in the blood causes cardiovascular diseases.

If you're looking to enjoy any of the benefits mentioned above, you must have a Keto diet or snack with the right proportion of each food group.

Having too much fat, or too much protein in your Keto diet or snack wouldn't do the magic. You must know that a Ketogenic diet is a combination of low-carb, high fat and a moderate-protein diet. So, you do not have to cut-off carbs for a Keto diet.

Having the right amount of each food group will enable you to lose weight and enjoy some other benefits as listed above, and even more.

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Top Ten Best Keto Snacks on the Go and Top Ten Keto Snacks to Stay Away From.

To make sure that you're preparing your meals right, here are some of the top ten best Ketogenic snacks on the go, there'ssome great Keto snacks ideas to be found here. You could grab any of these snacks at Walmart or any supermarket near you.  Also, I will highlight the top 10 Ketogenic snacks that are bad for you, it's important to stay away from these as they will kick you out of Ketosis.  

Top Ten Best Snacks When on Keto

1. Chia Seed Snack Bars

Chia seed snack bars are another hidden gem loaded with healthy omega-3 fatty acid and fiber.  Chia seeds actually contain more Omega-3 than a salmon.

The gelatinous little seeds help improve the function of your intestines and ease bowel movements. You can also add them dry on top of your yogurt or cereal. They are also anti-inflammatory and reduce blood sugar levels in the body.

2. Quest Protein Chips

Each bag of Quest protein chips has 3 grams of net carbs and 42 grams of protein. The low total net carbs make it a great snack for those on a keto diet. However, these protein chips are more of a luxury keto snack than a frugal keto snack.

Even though all the flavors available are delicious, I recommend you try the barbecue flavor. Trust me the seasoning of the barbecue flavor is on point, and they taste just like barbecue.

3. Wild Bill's Original Beef Jerky

This jerky is smoky, it is salty and has a little nice taste of soy sauce like almost every jerky.

The reason this beef jerky, in particular, is part of the list of Keto snacks is because of the macros. Every serving has only one net carb. And this is the lowest net carb beef jerky on the market-most beef jerky on the market has up to 5 net carbs per serving.

And also, it is priced reasonably. So, if you're trying to eat some jerky in a keto-friendly low-carb way, then Wild Bill's Jerky might do the magic for you.

4. Planters Heart Healthy Mix

Portion control is important when it comes to snacking on nuts. Most people lack self-control and can eat a big jar of nuts at a go, and this can be bad for your health no matter how healthy the nut snack maybe. This is why I recommend the Planters Heart Healthy Mix.

The heart-healthy mix is individually wrapped packages of nuts, and each individually wrapped package only has 3 net carbs. Each wrapped package contains peanuts, almonds, pistachios, pecans, and walnuts, which are all coated in a touch of salt.

So, if you're looking for a great Keto nut snack, then the Planter's Heart mix is the way to go.

5. Dill Pickles

If you love to snack on pickles, then you have to try these. What's great about these pickles is that each one has one gram of carbs, and you have a total of 20 pickles in each pack.

6. P3 Protein Packs

Another Keto diet with portion control are these P3 protein packs. However, some of them, not all of them have Keto macros. However, the turkey ham and cheddar of the P3 protein pack has amazing Keto macros with only two net carbs per package.

Also, the turkey bacon and Colby jack pack have great macros for Keto; each pack with less than a gram of carbs.

7. Pearls Stuffed Pimiento Olives

Just like the P3 protein pack, these stuffed pimiento olives are individually wrapped so they are great when you're on the go, great for travel, and you can also put them in your lunchbox for work or school.

They are zero carbs, and that makes them ideal for anyone on a Ketogenic diet or wants to have something healthy for lunch.

8. Pizza in a Bag Pepperoni Jerky

This jerky smell delicious looks delicious tastes delicious and it's quite spicy. This product is from the hosts of Epic Meal Time, and they have a huge YouTube channel, and the Keto macros in this package are pretty amazing.

Usually, a jerky is around 5 net carbs per 28 grams but for the Pizza in a bag jerky, there are only 2 net carbs per 28 grams.

9. Whisps Cheddar Cheese Crisps

This is one of my favourite crunchy Keto snacks. Every bag of this has 2 net carbs. However, these are quite expensive and you do not get a lot for a bag. 

They may be a little more than the Quest Protein chips but less than the Max Pork rinds. If you're trying to be more frugal about your Keto snack ideas, then these aren't probably for you.

10. Trader Joe's Egg Salad

The egg salad has amazing Keto macros. Each container has 2 and a half servings, so you get a pretty decent amount of egg salad per serving. And each serving has 3 grams of carbs, making it an optimal diet for anyone wants to have a good Keto snack.

Top Ten Snack To Avoid When On Keto

1. Cookies

If you're on a Keto diet, then cookies should be your enemy. Cookies contain sucrose which causes insulin response which causes a glucose spike.

And since you want to prevent your body from burning glucose during ketosis, I highly recommend you avoid eating cookies.

2. Oatmeal

Regardless of whether it is steel-cut oatmeal or instant oatmeal, you need to stay off them when on a Keto diet.

Steel-cut oatmeals have a glycemic index of 55 whiles instant oatmeal has a glycemic index of 83. Glycemic index means the ability of a carb food to spike the level of glucose in the body.

For both instant and steel cut, their glycemic index is high for anyone on a ketogenic diet.

3. Fruits

Fruits contain sugars like glucose, fructose, and sucrose which are bad for ketosis. And even though fruits do not stop your body from ketosis, it can slow the process. So, I recommend you get to the point of ketosis you desire, then you can start eating fruits.

4. Yogurts

Yogurts are healthy but bad if you're on a Keto diet. Even the plain could contain up to 20 grams of sugar per cup and that's too much. And sugar is one thing we want to deprive our body off during ketosis.

5. Crackers

With every 100 grams of crackers containing 61 grams of carbohydrates, they are a no-no if you're on a Keto diet.

6. Kettle Corn

Kettle corn contains an artificial sugar known as sucralose. Even though sucralose doesn't have the same response as sugar, you are having a blood glucose response and an insulin response, which could kick you out of ketosis.

And even if it doesn't kick you out of Keto, it will slow down your fat loss by slowing down the function of the Ketones.

7. Any Snack with Agave

Even though Agave is low glycemic, it is bad for you when you're on a keto diet. Even though it is a 10 on the glycemic scale, the processes that Agave goes through to make it sweet ends up leaving it with over 80% of fructose. And this is something you wouldn't want to use while on a Keto diet.

8. Sodas

Sodas affect the body in many different ways. Everyone knows that sodas have different types of sugar in them. Most sodas contain high fructose corn syrup, which is a false sugar. This increases the level of glucose in your bloodstream and may also spike the insulin level in your blood. So, it is something you might want to avoid. Besides that, it is detrimental to your dental and heart health.

9. Cashews

They are probably the tastiest nuts, however, they are technically fruits. They come from the same family of mangoes.

Cashews are super high in carbs, therefore won't fit into the macronutrient breakdown that you need to be on to stay in ketosis successfully.

10. Pretzels

We are often told that pretzels are the healthy snack choice to make. But here is the truth about pretzels, they have no vitamins nor minerals. It is made up of carbs with a lot of sodium.

Though they might be healthy to some extent but with it mainly composed of carbs, is a no-no for you if you're on a Ketogenic diet.

In Closing

I hope this hasn't put you off snacking but I cannot stress enough the importance of snacks when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, especially when following a Keto diet. 

Of-course moderation king as anything taken in extreme quantities will be detrimental to your health or specific diet no matter how healthy the food stuff is. 

I hope the article helped you if you were confused about snacking and Keto. Feel free to give this article a like and share with friends if you found it helpful. Do not forget to leave a comment if you have any suggestions or questions.

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